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Research & Development
GM ZZ 572 Crate Engine  

Build summary:

Started out as a GM performance crate-engines ZZ 572/620 Hydraulic Roller BBC Street Engine.

AFR Heads, Profiler Sniper Intake, Holley Dominator Carburetor, with AFR heads that are cnc ported and preped along with final porting in house.

Idles smooth enough to be very street-able, (actually smoother than it was before the development) with Huge torque starting in the lower rpms where is counts to be in a street car with a near stock stall converter. Its below the compression threshold to run likely the worst 87 octane Pump gas available. This research engine has been fully renewed to like brand new standards (With exception that its better than GM new by over 160+ horsepower) and is available for sell for $17985.00. GM's 572 crate engine catalog price {$18369.00}, don't beat me up over the price cause you can get it cheaper we are just using dealer price for comparison. Just keep in mind this build would cost you over $23,000.00 to duplicate.

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    Well this project spanned 3 years but I feel the result were well worth the effort involved. This project, handed to the Sain, Vizard, Walters team by GM gave us the opportunity to test a bunch of different heads, intake manifolds carbs and a couple of cams.                                                            
   The accompanying graph shows the results. We are up on peak torque by 113 lbs ft average from 3600 rpm by 144 lbs-ft. HP wise the numbers are `171 on peak and 118. In round numbers that is a 22% increase in torque and 20% in power.
   So what is the down side of this build. Well refinements such as Total Seal rings, custom Wisco pistons and a few other items did add about $1500 to the price of the build. That said this street driver on 87 octane pump fuel out powers and out torques GM's 12.5/1 ‘race’ 572 by 90 lbs-ft and 85 hp all with sufficient reliability to deal with GM 100 hour WOT test.
   Anyway my point here is that the tricks I used to do the heads (started with some really nice ‘as-cast’ items from the good guys at AFR) plus how to do cam specs for a build like this can mostly be had from my BBC books. If you want the entire rundown you can, as a seminar attendee, get the whole nine yards.
   Just so we don’t forget Terry’s Dyno reads 2.7% lower that the dynos at UNO as calibrated for the 2012 engine masters challenge. Our lbs-ft per cube for torque cam out at 1.388. If we correct that by 1.027 that comes out at 1.425 if you want to make a DV to Engine Master's comparison. That all said I am sticking to the TWPE numbers as being realistic even though they are lower. Just take a look at the low speed punch this motor has. Even if you never go over 3500 rpm you still would have 500 horse at you command.
   Another point here is that this engine does only sport a 9.4/1 CR. Most of the BBC’s Terry, Jack and I build are 10.5/1. Had this been a 10.5 build we would have cracked that 1.4 lbs-ft mark with ease. Lastly let’s not forget that this baby can do a 100 hour dyno pull without breaking into a sweat. I wonder how many EMC builds can manage that?
   At this point we need to sell this baby for a sane price. It will come with a warranty. We now need to finance our next serious street build. This will be a pump gas 632 build targeting 900 x 920 – lbs-ft and hp.

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