How to Build Horsepower Seminar


This seminar is a small group of usually 10 people or less. With adequate one on one time with David Vizard himself, 3 full days of activities, projects and lectures. Flow bench exposure and learning of Davids new "Flow Bench IPO" porting software and a tutorial of another brand new software called "TorqueMaster"


Whats covered in the seminar

  • The overall topic will be a detailed explanation of how to build horsepower. This will include the following:-
  • The power box event chain - this shows how all the main factors interact. How to get air into the engine.
  • Demonstrating the #1 factor limiting airflow and therefore output. Looking at the ways to minimize this by superior cylinder head design.
  • Included in this segment are:-
  • Why the CR used is so much more important than is appreciated.
  • Why big ports don’t work.
  • Why polishing is usually just cosmetic and often cuts power.
  • Why the 75% exhaust to intake ratio (valve size or flow) is so often misunderstood and often does not apply.
  • A comprehensive breakdown of important aspects of air flow management including :- Why having a high volumetric efficiency means little if there is no real understanding of just how the air is being used.
  • Why certain numbers/engine parameters rarely mentioned in either magazines or online performance forums are key to torque and consequently power output. Why most fuel coolers (cool cans) fail to increase output.
  • Why so many carb selections compound the spec errors of the rest of the engines spec. Why most engine builders fail to make the most of a good two plane intake.
  • Why most engine builders fail to fully utilize the air flow potential of the carb, intake, heads and exhaust.
  • And then there are dyno testing issues rarely spoken of such as:- Why so many published dyno test results are unintentionally bogus or misleading.
  • Why changing just one aspect of a dyno test is usually a bad idea.
  • Why improving your specing and engine building skills can drastically cut the cost of a race winning engine.
  • Why it’s possible to give away hi-octane fuel to your competitor and leave yourself in a better position to win.
  • How, virtually 98% of the time, to optimize the cam, first time so saving on dyno time and test camshafts.

Bonus and free stuff


   We have some ideas of sharing some free (really interesting) information that most of you will find valuable through the web-page in weeks and months to come. Also some of Davids sponsors have generously offered to donate products for promotional sweepstakes, promotional give away etc. While both DV and I are against making this into a circus some of the offers are things that most sane folk would find difficult to turn down.... Well I can't share the details at this time but check the web-sight once a week or so to see when and what may come of this. At the next few Seminars we are giving away some new innovative software before it is released in its final retail form. This has been years in development. As a beta release it will work out bugs beta testers will benefit from the free evaluation copy as well as the final release.

  Flow Bench IPO

   First is 'Flow Bench IPO' with IPO here being 'Induction Performance Optimizer'. This is very much a porters program where the input of the results gives a guidance of where any problems might lie and what to possibly do to fix it via mathematical analysis. This program is unique in that it will give the means to a hobbyist porter to turn out top professional results from nearly any cylinder head configuration - first time around!


   Second is a program that almost every engine builder on the face of the planet has been waiting for - (Expansion of COS-Cam except on steroids) an accurate cam speccing program which has already just started getting mentions in high place. You may have already heard the whispers - this program goes under the name of 'TorqueMaster'. It is starting to make a noise because it goes far beyond any cam selection programs already out there. Not only does it predict the cam your engine requires but also tells you what is needed in the way of cylinder head specs (even gives the part #), rockers (part #'s included) Intake manifolds and carbs (again part) It even gives the torque and hp results you can expect. this program is probably going to give more strength to the small professional shops who do not have the time or a dyno to do all the thousands of hours that have gone into the making of TorqueMaster.

   Initially only seminar attendees will get these programs (free), soon ​to be​released​ at a very minimal cost will also spread soon to professional engine building shops. 

Scheduled events for 2017

SPECIAL EVENTS Large Groups Seminars

  1. Motorheads Elyra, OH. May 5,6,7 Seminar 3 Days
  2. Advanced Performance Machining via Aaron Hambridge N.S.W Australia September 29,30,Aug 1 Seminar 3 Days

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